Fever of Football Worldcup

The clock is ticking fast and the Brazil known as land of football is getting ready to host the mega event of Football World Cup 2014. 

Like many others i also came from a family that is wholeheartedly interested in cricket but love to watch the prestigious event of Football World Cup.As once every four years i find myself with my family sitting in a lounge and screaming ” GOAL!!!” at the television screen.In fact, it is a football madness that makes me feel as if i am a part of this thrilling event.
As a matter of fact , no one can detach himself from this sensational sport. As, this nerve wracking game is powerful enough to send an adrenaline rush through out the body.
Lets talk about the football world cup 2010 and that acclaimed song “waka waka” of Shakira. The song was a smashing hit and made the world to dance. It was a official track of FIFIA worldcup 2010 and was truly praised for its bright rhythm and impressive lyrics.
Its been four years now. But i still enjoy hearing this song. As, It not only reminds me of some cheerful moments with my sisters in yelling and screaming “GOAL!!!” at the television screen but also  recalls me of  that final encounter between Spain and Holland.
We were quite enthusiastic about that final match and I can never forget that moment of joy which i had experienced with the decisive goal of Spanish team.
I can also vividly recall that soul penetrating tone of vuvuzela that kept on echoing in my ears for many days to come. In fact, that hornet swarming sound of vuvuzela was powerful enough to make the headlines across the world.
But much to the relief of ear drums the vuvuzelas have been replaced with caxirollas. This is really going to be a fun. As, it is a sound that not only energizes the players but also unites fans together as an orchestra, playing to the mood and success of their soccer team.
Now, once again the world cup is around the corner and the football world cup mania is at its peak.Record five time winner Brazil is going to host this mega event which will hit the globe on June 12, 2014.
I am very much excited about this event. As, the mere idea of sitting together with my family gives me a joys feeling.
So get ready for the roller coaster ride from June 12 to July 13. As, the world cup in Brazil will be a showpiece in a diverse country indeed.

would love to have your lovely comments

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