In The Memory Of My Lost Home

 Heidi by Johanna Spyri is an excellent work of literature and the process of rereading it brought tears in my eyes.I had gone through this book in my childhood and Heidi always appears to me as a lucky girl who finally gets back to her Grandfather. Heidi was fortunate enough to go back to her dream place, but I am not as lucky as Heidi ,as I am still looking for my home that has been lost in a dust of time.I had tried very hard to push all those old memories back into my mind. But, I have no control over my unconscious. As, despite of my entire struggle these memories always succeed in getting into my dreams.

We had been living in that house for sixteen years. We had moved their as a tenant but later purchased that house. We made half of the payment and it was agreed that the remaining amount would be cleared after the clearance of property papers.

But meanwhile the value of the property got raised and the greediness of owners compelled them to change their minds. They filed a case against us and tried to prove us as someone who had seized their property.

Thus, the case got into the court and our lawyer assured us that we would succeed.

But, we were quite unaware of the fact that our lawyer had already signed an accord with the other party and had accepted a huge amount in that regard.

I can still feel the bitterness of that horrible day. On that gloomy day of January there prevailed a pale sunshine everywhere and I could feel a troubling sense of fear in the air.

On that day I was alone at home and was peeling vegetables for the lunch when, I got alarmed by the loud bang at the door. I saw a bailiff accompanied by a group of hooligans. I got terrified. I made a call to my parents who were on their way to pick my sister from her college.

Mean while, the show of hooliganism started and they entered our house by climbing up the walls. I can never forget that loud noises, that  sound of dragging furniture and that yelling and shrieking of my mother.

We tried to made protest but to no avail. They were large in number and in no time our belongings were threw away.

Within minutes we were standing on the street. The coming days were real tough days. We seek a refuge in someone’s home and later moved to another place.

Later we tried to proceed our case but soon got tired from the fraud and corruption that has become a permanent part of  judicial system in Pakistan.

Time is a great healer and lot has been changed .Today, we are in much better condition and had purchased a plot in a much better locality but despite of all my hard wok I cannot erase those old memories from my mind.

And, while leafing through the pages of Heidi, I realized that the permanent sadness of my mood is the result of the pain and suffering of home sickness that I am experiencing from the last two years.

Like Heidi I was associated with that home. That house meant everything to me. Those walls were my best friends. We had spent a long span of sixteen years of life together. We played, we fight and we studied together. They had remained my best friends in the thorny paths of my life.

Like Heidi’s house that house also appeared to gleam in golden sunshine. I can still recall the beauty of those fruit trees and flowery bushes. Also, that chirping of sparrows and cooing of doves still echoes in my ears. And, I can never forget that green leaves and large trees that were home to many birds.

That place had witnessed many special moments of my life. I moved into that house as a school girl and left that place as a university graduate.

I have observed people complaining about their lives. I have seen them whining over the troubles in their life and in this whole process they simply neglects the fact that they have got one of the precious gift of their lives and that is their home.

Be grateful for the home you have, knowing that at this moment, all you have is that all you need. (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Heidi and I have got one thing in common and that is our love for home. Heidi beats me as; she succeeds in getting back to her home while on the other hand I am still looking for an opportunity to enter into that house where I had spent some golden days of my childhood.



One thought on “In The Memory Of My Lost Home

  1. How sad they took your home away from your family. Greed is ugly. Your home was beautiful, and I can understand how hard it is for you. I hope that your new home brings you as much joy as your old one.


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