The world of social media and my Nostalgia for past!!!

I live in this high tech world of great revolutions in which i cannot detach myself from praising the power of social media.

As a matter of fact, the ‘likes’ of Facebook and ‘tweets’ of Twitter have got a huge influence upon our lives. We can live without eating food but we cannot exist without updating our face book status.

With the passage of time our modes of communication have been changed. Today, i can see that how frequently my friend posts her latest pics on Facebook and quite interestingly her father is never late to comment on them. Perhaps he thinks that this is a best way of bridging a gap between him and his children.

My aunt living abroad also realizes the importance of using social media as a way of connecting with her family members in Pakistan. So, here she is, posting her pictures in her brand new dresses on daily basis.

She also loves to update others about her health issues. So, last week she posted her picture from the hospital. Wearing patients gown and lying on the hospital bed that picture gets lots of comments. And, yet there was a person who find that picture awesome and appreciating the setting of whole scene she clicked her like button for that.

It seems quite strange but in the midst of all these instant ways of communication i feel myself quite alone and in order to find some pleasure and solace i turned back to those old precious letters of father which clearly depicts his pure feelings of love and affection.

Whenever i read my fathers letters i am moved by his well formed calligraphy and clarity of ideas. It was typical of my father to share each and every detail of any special event and on one such occasion of my birth he wrote a letter to my grandma. He wrote that little angel has arrived. She has got black and shiny eyes and her long hands are soft to touch. Such was the depth of those pieces of writing that i can still feel the warmth of his pure feelings of love. But ,today, my heart saddens with the fact that handwritten letters are becoming rare in our society.

I also think back nostalgically to the seduction of those greeting cards which i used to receive on eid days. Eid in those days was meant to be associated with the sharing of beautiful eid cards. I can still recall that strange aroma of those cards and those tangible evidence of love and affection of my friends. I have still got a bag full of those cards and my sister think that this is all trash but i am quite happy about my treasure chest as these written evidences of love are actually close to my heart.

So, here i am physically living in this world of electronic notifications, email and texting. But deep in my heart i regret about the loss of those true feelings of tenderness and intimacy that were associated with the mere handwritten notes of past. But, i am not among those who live there lives by sighing upon the loss of past. I have taken a step forward and would like to welcome you to accompany me on this journey of reviving that beautiful legacy of writing handwritten notes.

  1. The urgency and easy accessibility of email is evident but find sometime to write a post card to your loved ones as, they will last for a longer period of time.
  2. Instead of sending e cards try to make some handmade cards. Internet is full of such sites that will help you in this regard. Last year i had tried to make some cards for my family and the result was awesome.
  3. Written words have got a huge power to influence. Also, neat handwriting is a strong depiction of your powerful personality so don’t feel shy about your writing as, with little effort you can master this art.
  4. Make your daily journal and write whatever you like. It can be anything from your favorite movie quote to your daily to do list.

Remember life is all about sharing happiness. These handmade cards and handwritten notes means that you love and care about your loved ones and trust me that’s exhilaration … that’s being alive.


One thought on “The world of social media and my Nostalgia for past!!!

  1. My father has beautiful copperplate handwriting. Mine on the other hand is barely legible scrawl. But whenever we go away I keep a journal, which I enjoy reading and re reading whenever I come across the box they are in.


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