The Mystery Of Murphy’s Law In Life


My friend is always talking about Murphy’s law. She believes that this law has a huge influence on her life. That’s why when she wakes up she gets ready for negative things to come her way.

So,here she is, stuck in traffic and getting mad. Upon reaching her office she calls me and says that something bad is going to happen.And, before I can respond she hangs up. Later she calls me again and recounts blow by blow a fight with a colleague and from her trembling voice I can sense that she is very  excited about the “influence of Murphy’s law” in the event.

I am not here to deny the very existence of Murphy’s law, as I was once an ardent follower of it.

In those days I used to believe that if anything could go wrong it would. And at the worst possible moment. And in the worst possible way. So I would wait for that moment. And when the bread would fall and land with the buttered side down I would applaud Murphy’s talent.

But these days when the bread falls I no longer look to see if it is butter side up or down.


Because I know I am going to eat both sides anyhow.

That change doesn’t happen overnight. It took me some years before I finally resolved the issue of the influence of Murphy’s law in my life.

Life is a great teacher and events in life hold great importance. The sudden death of my three months old niece changed my mind. Sudden Infant death syndrome was considered to be the cause of her death but that little angel passed so quietly that I found no time to say good bye to her.

In those days I was busy with my exams and when my sister visited us with her little daughter I found little time to play with her. I took a sigh of relief on her departure. But, after two days I received the news of the sudden demise of my niece. That incident changed my mind. I started to think seriously towards the blessings of Divinity and, then I finally got a chance to read ” The Magic” by ” Rhonda Byrne”. That book actually changed my perception towards life.

I started to count my daily blessings. I realized that I was fortunate enough to have a family,the people who loved and cared me. I realized that I was blessed with health and wealth. I found that I was lucky enough to read and write. I discovered that my life was awesome and my only problem was my negative thoughts.

Yes, my negative thoughts were the reason of my disturbed life. Knowingly or unknowingly I was attracting the negative feelings of depression, resentment and guilt in my life.

Those were the days when I made a firm decision to change the track of my life. And, then a miracle took place and my whole life turned around. I started to offer my prayers regularly. I tried to inculcate positive feelings of gratitude and joy in my life and for that I started to offer my prayers regularly.

That book changed my perception towards life. My thoughts and views have been changed. Today, I am thankful to Divinity for its kindness upon me,as I can breath and I can walk. I can admire the beauty of nature through my eyes.Moreover, I can write and express my feelings. What else one would like to have in his life?

Today, when I heard my mother getting angry over trivial issues, I takes a deep breath and smiles to myself. And, simply opens my diary to reread my all time favorite quote of life

“Your life is a gift, everyday is a gift, and when you really think about it, it’s inconceivable that any of us would wake up in the morning without giving thanks for another day.”

So, let go of negative thoughts and feelings and try to live in present. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. And, remember life is a great mystery so enjoy yourself  while solving this riddle of life.


10 thoughts on “The Mystery Of Murphy’s Law In Life

  1. When we look and wait for the negative things to happen we will find that prophesy self-fulfilled. Expect the positive and you will see the glass half full as opposed to the glass half empty;)


  2. This is beautifully written and I especially loved the positive elements of your writing. How true this is! If you let Murphy’s Law rule your life it will. I try to look for the good in things and events. If you believe that will happen it normally does. It is all in the perception 🙂

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