The power of Communication in Life


I believe that life is meaningless without communication. There is no meaning of living a life without sharing your thoughts and ideas. So, here I am narrating an event of my life that forced me to step into this beautiful world of “communication”.

I can still feel that tense environment that prevailed in our home. My little sister was struggling with her concepts of “Ascending and Descending” order in Maths. Everyone at home had tried their best but to no avail. My mother was especially worried. I was fearing that she would loose her temper. So, I finally decided to step into the scene.

I simply turned towards my “Yahoo Answers Community” and posted my question

“My sister who is a student of class 1 is facing problem in understanding descending order i have notice that her main problem is to identify the largest number among the given list in the first step. I had tried my best in explaining her the concept of largest number but she is still confuse . Can someone will give me any idea that help her in understanding the concept of finding largest number in the given list and next the descending order?”

Someone named koo_homie replied instantly

“You can first try explaining how Ascending order works and then move on to Descending order. Show her some life world examples maybe with candy. Tell her to find the biggest pile first then the next and then next and so on and so forth. I loved real world example when I was little.”

I felt a sense of joy and rushed towards my book shelf to collect some books. I made piles of book and laid them straight in front of her. Later it was a story of smooth sailing to the successful understanding of the concepts of ” Ascending and Descending” order.

I was so happy and grateful for that wonderful idea that I posted a note thanking him a lot for his brilliant help.

Its been some six years now and to tell you the truth I can still feel that moment of joy that came naturally towards me on that day. That guy communicated his idea about the concept and that really helped my sister who was struggling with her concepts in Maths.

Actually, you never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on your life. I remember that I was afraid of blogging and mailed some of my piece of writing to a senior blogger. His reply simply turned the path of my life. It was the feeling which I cannot express in words. He replied

Thanks for your email! Great piece.The writings look really promising, definitely start a blog:)

Those kind words of encouragement  gave me hope and courage. On that day I came to understand the meaning of one of my favorite quote

Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair”.

So, I am of the view that communication is essential for living,as we can live without eating any food but we would likely to collapse in a deep silence.

I would like to thank you for reading this blog.

And, wait don’t forget to “communicate”.

Happy Reading:)


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