My Experience of Teaching!


Life is all about experiencing new things. These experiences become one’s personal stories of success and failure. I believe that these stories of ups and downs and these narrations of rise and fall are worthy to be told.

This reminds me of my teaching experience. Those were the days when I was scared of experiencing anything new in my life. My parents were aware of my weakness so they forced me to start teaching at school. I tried to make protest but to no avail.

I still remember my first day of nervousness at school. I was selected as a junior Maths Teacher there but my “confusion” was depicting the fear of a “little school girl.”

With no prior experience, teaching boys was a hell of a task for me. I can still recall that naughty boy of my class who loved to laugh. He had an amazing ability of burst into giggles and that too with no apparent reason.

There was also a “slow writer” in my class. That laziest boy of my class was always able to bring tears in my eyes. In those days, I desperately longed for that “cherished moment” when he could complete his work in time but, that moment never came.

The boys are generally considered to be full of energy but I would regard that class as a “basket full” of energy. While I was busy in writing on board they whistled and flew papers in class and they were quite clever in covering each other that I never succeeded in identifying the real “culprit.”

In those days I returned home exhausted, I lost my appetite and dark circles appeared under my eyes. I longed for an opportunity to leave that job.

And, finally that time came when I had to leave my job for pursuing my studies. I can never forget those sad faces of my students. They were crying. I was also shocked by their response. They took my autograph and presented me with their beautiful drawings and hand made cards.

Life has been a journey and while cleaning my shelf today, I came across those beautiful drawings and cards. These tangible evidences of love and care remind me of those ‘chatterboxes’ of my class. The process of remembering those “innocent faces” brings tears in my eyes. I silently pray for their success in life.

In fact I owe to them for giving me a chance of an experience which I will always remember. That “life changing” incident of my life had taught me some great lessons. Today, I’m not afraid of experiencing new things in life as I firmly believe that “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” 

I still enjoy recalling that experience and today  it’s difficult to believe it really happened.

I wonder if you guys have got something similar to share. Love to have your comments.

Happy reading:)

My student made that beautiful drawing for me.
My student made that beautiful drawing for me.
This is one of my personal favorite.
This is one of my personal favorite.


The The beautiful handmade cards.
The beautiful handmade cards.

23 thoughts on “My Experience of Teaching!

  1. Awesome experience in teaching! 🙂 Beginning of something is difficult, but if we enjoy it, it’d give great experience to us. Same here! 😀 In the first day of teaching, my students were so noisy, I left them, LOL! and…… finally I love them, and so did they! ❤

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  2. Your report is wonderful. The children have a lot of energy and you could take them as they are. They love you for that. The pictures of the students are lovely. I shared this report on facebook and think it can encourage other people.

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  3. I was also a teacher and just recently left this past June after 16 years. It really is an exhausting job of unending work, which is why I finally left! Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful moments of this profession. I’ve also kept every note and card that my students have given me over the years. That’s the thing I miss the most now that I’m not teaching, but I wouldn’t have been able to start my blog otherwise! I also appreciate your comment about being afraid to start something new – have been feeling this a lot with every step of developing my blog and making it more public.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and It is such a nice experience to meet you.

      You are very right in saying that teaching is an exhausting job and I must admit that I’m also little bit afraid about developing my blog and making it more public.

      Wish you all the best with your future endeavors:)


  4. I loved your story. I have always maintained that there is never a dull moment once your are in the classroom. I spent 35 years there and I have many wonderful stories I could tell. As far as your writing goes, aim for a variety of sentences. I particularly enjoy a variety – keeps the level of interest high and a nice easy flow to the work – simple sentences, complex sentences, compound sentences, etc. That is just one man’s opinion.


  5. I loved reading this. It really touched my heart when you told us about your students crying when they found out you were leaving! (I would probably start crying too). What made it even more touching was the fact that you didn’t think they cared for you as a teacher. What a wonderful surpise! The pictures they gave you are beautiful and such a sweet reminder of those teaching days. Most important though – now you are not afraid to try new things!

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  6. Wonderful story about your experience teaching and such lovely presents from your students. One thing that helps me when I am editing a piece of work from grammar is reading it aloud to myself, often you can catch phrases or words that sound wrong if you do this a couple times. Maybe that will help you?


  7. This is so cute! I wonder if my teachers feel the same way about us students though, lol!
    And yes, life sure is more fun when you’ve got new things to look forward to. They fill you with energy and refresh you somehow. The same old, same old can be pretty boring and frustrating.. *sighs*
    Well, highfive to teachers and new experiences then!! *grins*

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