“The Ordeal Of Woman Work”

woman work

The warmness of my tears is enough to protect me at this late hour of night. I had never thought of such a “lonely moment” and the irony of the situation lies in a very fact that despite of having a complete family, I’m all alone in this whole world.

Pinkish glow, tinted clouds, spreading sunshine and melody of birds announce the start of a new day.But, I find no time to “savor this moment” of natural beauty because I have to perform “bundle of tasks” each day.

There actually exist a “wide chasm” between my experience of daily life and my husbands daily routine.

Here I’m mopping the floor, washing the dishes, cleaning the house and pressing the clothes, dressing up my kids and frying fish.

And, after all this hectic routine I simply hate the moment when he returned in the evening and asked in his robotic voice ” How was your day?”.

This is so ridiculous because my “uncombed hair” and “stained shirt” are enough to tell my ordeal. And, this does not ends here as he loves to find faults in my work.

So, despite of my utmost efforts he always succeeds in finding out a simple  “mote of dust”.  Sometimes, I wonder that perhaps he finds pleasure in finding ” mistakes in my cooking”.

But, then I use to assure myself that it is not his fault, It is all because of his ” male chauvinism”.

If only words could express my feelings then there would be a pile of scribbled notes in front of me.But, pages can’t bear the “misery of my pain”.

I try to find pleasure and solace in my dreams.Those dreams of my childhood were so pleasant; but this reality is so dreary and I simply wish for a moment of joy and happiness in my life.

The clock is ticking fast and everyone is sound asleep. Soon, it will be a time for my kids to wake up for school and then daily chores for a day will be started. The saltiness of tears seems to stabilize me somehow and I stop crying. Perhaps, mere words of “appreciation” will boost me to move forward.

I can recall these beautiful lines from ” Woman Work” by ” Maya Angelou”

Shine on me, sunshine

Rain on me, rain

Fall softly, dewdrops

And cool my brow again


Storm, blow me from here

With your fiercest wind

Let me float across the sky

‘Till I can rest again


Fall gently snowflakes

Cover me with white

Cold icy Kisses and

Let me rest tonight


Sun, rain, curving sky

Mountain, oceans,leaf and stone

Star shine, moon glow

Your’e all that

I can call my own


12 thoughts on ““The Ordeal Of Woman Work”

  1. Thanks for sharing your feelings, this story touched my heart. I can imagine how difficult it is to be in your shoes, but you’re strong to endure it all. Daily chores is a full time work that surprisingly goes unnoticed. I hope one day everyone will acknowledge the credit that you deserve. Or else you could start giving credit to yourself for that delicious fried fish and other things. Take care and here we are to make you a little less lonely!

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  2. I truly liked your post, it is beautiful written. It makes me wonder if my husband (who is currently staying home) is feeling the same thing when I come home. Definitely made me think! 🙂 Thanks for that! On the other hand – it is funny when things are turned around he is the one staying at home. When people ask what he does and I way he is a stay-at-home husband I get the feeling they admire him and wonder what ‘he did right’ to make that happen. I don’t think they realise that he is mopping the floor, doing the laundry, making dinner etc etc. Hmmm…maybe I should write a post on it:) Thanks for your post!

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  3. Such a great idea, adding Maya Angelou’s poem at the bottom there. And what a post, Extremely relatable and heartbreaking too because housewives deserve more credit than they’re given.


    1. Thanks a lot for these kind words of appreciation. At first I was not confident about this post. I rewrite it again and again but I’m glad that you like it.
      You are absolutely right in saying that “housewives deserve more credit they’re given.”
      Just visited your blog. It is ” beautiful”!

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  4. Wow.. i really love what you wrote.. this is the story of a lot of indian women too.. where the husbands goes to work and the wife is at home.. its sad that ppl dont understand that being a housewife is such a stressful daunting and tiring task where you never ever have a holiday and you dont get paid or appreciated.. And worse is when nyone asks your husband what his wife he shrugs his shoulders and says “Nothing, she is a Housewife”

    Hope you can find time to read my blog too : http://www.kinniisblog.wordpress.com

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    1. Thanks for dropping by!
      Yes you are right this is the story of every woman around the world and you are absolutely right in saying that ” Housewife” is not given her proper status in society.


  5. This story depicts the typical life of most Nigerian women and it is really sad. I really love the descriptions, the brevity of the paragraphs and that poem rounded it up beautifully 🙂

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