The Journey Of Life

The Hub Challenge #3 : Picture this

The Prompt:  Select one of these photos and free write about it.  The Twist:  Try all three photos.


The road to success in life is full of suspense, for the misty clouds of darkness and the fear of unknown tend to obscure one’s vision of gleaming sunshine.

This slippery path of life tests one’s strength and courage. Moreover, man encounters a “series of uncertain events” in his way of life.

His encounter with these uncertain events compels him to resist. So, despite the might of Divinity, he never ceases to “fight back”.


Pains and sufferings can be regarded as the most prominent aspect of this immortal life, for the death is an “inevitable fact” and we simply can’t deny this harsh reality.

And, then the closer look of one’s surrounding reveals the very fact that life never waits. It tends to “move on”. So, crying over failures and holding onto past pains and resentments will only hold us back.

This is the world of brave and courageous people,this is an ongoing battle and only the man of “strong nerves” tends to survive in the end.

It’s worth noting that life emerges from the debris of death and “warrior of lights” are wise enough to realize this reality of life. So, they kept on moving by believing that there is always a ray of hope at the end of dark tunnel.

This is the world of great oceans and mighty mountains and man is just a speck. And, despite of his fragile nature, he “keeps on fighting”.

Thus, In the end his zeal and passion prove fruitful and despite of all his tiredness, he embrace the success with a “smiling face”.


9 thoughts on “The Journey Of Life

  1. I really like your reflection on life. Life is for the courageous. It does not wait for anyone. I think anyone who takes time and reads this post will have many great ideas to take home. You are on it the right way. You must fight your way to the top. No one will fight for you. But be sure that there are people who will let you stand on their shoulders and shine if they find you fighting hard to make it.

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