How to defeat a giant in a fight

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We fear giants, don’t we?

How do you feel about meeting a giant in a duel?That would scare me to death and I would sweat from head to toes.

From stories that I learned when I was young, I developed fear for giants. Today I think of them as huge, frightful and wicked creatures in human form.

The WWE Superstars shown on television are real giants. It seems they can crush an ordinary person in seconds like an elephant can crush an ant.

What then do I mean when I say you can defeat a giant in a fight?

I mean that if you know how to go about it you can actually do it.  It has happened. I have seen tiny people who have beaten huge ones.

Let us start with the folktales that relate how small creatures like rats, birds or  mosquitoes defeat lions, elephants, or other huge…

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