My Beautiful World Map!





I have never thought of a moment when I would fall in love with my “world map”. It seems quite odd but it is true that my “world map” has simply changed my perception about this universe.

It all started with day when my friend challenged me to take a simple Geography quiz. I accepted her challenge but the result was shocking as the score of my friend was far better than mine.

At that crucial moment I decided to let go of my fears of subject and then I simply took a plunge into the “world of Geography”.

I must admit that was an amazing journey that broadens my vision about this “Mother Earth”.

Google Image

australias coral reef






It would not be an exaggeration to say that today while sitting in my home, I can hear the gushing of waves which sings a tune of mesmerizing beauty of “Australia’s coral reefs” in my ears.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in my dreams, I can travel through the leafy paradise of bamboo-brown forest of Amazon.

The story does not end here as I can feel the warmth of sunshine in Central America. Moreover, I can experience the labor of shoveling snowfall in Canada and finally I can understand the mystery of that last unexplored part of “Antarctica”.

Life has never been so colorful before, for my vision had been blurred by the dark clouds of “ignorance”.

My world map shows that there exist a huge distance and mighty oceans between the continents. Thus, whenever I received an instant reply on my blog, I simply close my eyes and smiles at the “fury of ocean” who roars at this “instant mean of communication”.

I must admit that this world map has given me an excellent opportunity of coming out of my “confined world”.

To sum it up, I’d like to say that my “world map” is amazing in the sense that it has taught me a great lesson that this world is a “global village” and we “human beings” are all connected.

global world





Dear Reader, I’m thankful to you for taking out your precious time and reading this.

Stay Blessed and wish you all a very happy week!


10 thoughts on “My Beautiful World Map!

  1. I enjoyed reading your text very much!
    It gives us a wonderful colorful point of view of the world.
    The world connects us and gives us the opportunity to live our life the way we want to.
    Nature is so wonderful and if we connect some lovely things of it with some every day problems we will see that they are able to look not as bad as we think they do.
    Keep on writing!


  2. I too find maps fascinating..The variety in names of rivers and cities,the big range of mountains traversing an entire country …… The shapes of landmasses are my favorite…. was this a weird comment ? 😀


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