“My Tribute to Tugce Albayrak”

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On that gloomy day of December, the nature was actually mourning the loss of that young girl. Under the bleakness of the sky, a huge congregation of people gathered to pay their last tribute to this brave 23-year-old woman.

The pages of history are filled with the repetitive stories of great courage, but such an example of extraordinary sacrifice is unlikely to occur again in the near future.

Tugce Albayrak was not an ordinary girl. She was a dreamer who always wanted to reach the heights of sky. She was a girl of great valor who was always ready to help others.

On that fateful day of November, when everyone tried to keep themselves away from the matter of girls who were being harassed, she intervened in the matter.

The girls were lucky as; Tugce albayrak was there to help them. But, fate was not on the side of Tugce as; the man followed her and hit her severely on her head. She was fatally injured and lost her battle of life on that very day of her 23rd birthday.

I’m feeling myself short of the words which can express the feelings of her grieved parents and their painful decision of switching off her life support.

Tugce you stepped into the matter when every other person tried to keep himself away from it. You were there to help those poor girls when every person tried to appear ignorant of them.

Tugce albayrak I owe to you because you stepped into that cruel world and raised your voice against the serious matter of woman harassment.

Tugce you’ll always remember for your “civil courage”.

May you rest in peace.


11 thoughts on ““My Tribute to Tugce Albayrak”

  1. What a beautiful but very sad story. She was a very brave young woman and her story makes me very sad.

    To answer your questions, I suggest removing that first sentence and begin it with, “On a gloomy day in December, nature itself was mourning the loss of a beautiful young woman. Under the bleakness of the sky, a huge congregation of people gathered to pay their last respect (or tribute as you had it) to this brave 23 year old woman. (This will answer your 1st and 2nd question).

    Have you ended it too abruptly? You gave us the information on how she was killed, but little detail. If you intended on not going into more detail, then you did not end it too abruptly. Maybe your only focus was on the brave act of this young woman and the harrassment of women. (Which is perfectly fine in itself). I guess what I’m saying is, you need to answer that question.

    Excellent! (but very sad story).

    I noticed a few areas where you were unsure of the sentence structure and could use a little guidance. Other than that, I think you did an excellent job and this is a very touching story. Thank you for bringing awareness to the plight of women, all over this world.

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      1. Looking back at my comment, when I said, (which is perfectly fine in itself) was not referring to the harassment of women, but the reason for not going into more detail. I just wanted to be clear about that.


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