The Institution of Family







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I still remember the time when I got failed in mathematics in my 3rd grade. At that time, I was not mature enough to sense the irony of the situation. But, I can still remember the worried faces of my parents and my sisters.

It’s been eighteen years now and I can never forget their concern about me, for my father spend a lot of time on me and helped me in overcoming my weaknesses of the subject.

Today, when I have attained my professional degree, I’m in a position to admit that without the assistance of my family, I had never been able to achieve this goal of my life.

In fact, the love and sympathy which one tends to get from one’s family is incomparable.


  • Family is there to support you in your bad times.
  • Family is always present to protect you from the evils of the world.
  • Family is never late to share your feelings of happiness.
  • Family is always there to give you confidence.


Family: An Important Institution

  • One tends to learn the social norms in one’s family.
  • The institution of family helps us in improving our social skills.
  • One learns to behave properly in this primary group of society.
  • This institution of society helps us to face the world boldly and courageously.


I can still remember that time when my parents used to emphasize upon the importance of table manners. I can vividly recall their anger and distress which they showed upon my bad manners. Once, my sister scolded me on my improper sitting posture. I was so angry with her that I didn’t talk to her for two days.

In those days I was actually annoyed of them for keeping me in tight boundaries. But, today I feel myself indebted to them for all their concern about me.

Strengthening the institution of Family:

  • Communication is a key tool to strengthen this bond of relationship. Never cease to communicate your feelings with your family members.
  • Share your moments of love and joy with your family.
  • Pay respect to the feelings of others. Don’t try to humiliate them.
  • Encourage them on their small achievements.

Family Dinner:

family dinner





There is nothing more enjoyable than the mere feeling of togetherness which one tends to experience at the family dinner. Little chatting and occasional jokes add a flavor to the tasty meal.

Little Achievements:







I can still remember the time when I got A+ grade in my university course. On my return to home I was welcomed warmly with the flower garlands.

On one occasion when I got first position in my debating competition, my sister baked a special cake for me.

I often think that those little achievements of mine were not worthy of such great celebrations but I feel that they provided an excellent excuse for a family gathering.

Hence, I believe that the little encouragement from your family members boost your morale and gives you confidence to face the world boldly.

Inspirational Figures:                              

The students of history are interested in the stories of great people. These great people had performed extraordinary tasks in their respected fields. But, we often remain unaware of the support which they received from their family.

Let’s unfold the pages of the history and witness the support of those great people which ultimately gave birth to some great names of the world.

Dr. Ben Carson:

The world renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson was a below average boy. His mother was not an educated woman but she knew the importance of education. So, she insisted his boy to work hard at his studies. She gave him confidence and tried to make him realize that he could achieve anything in his life.

This confidence and support molds the entire personality of Ben Carson. Consequently, he emerged as a famous neurosurgeon and he performed the first successful operation to separate “conjoined twins”.

Sydney Sheldon:

In the desperate moments of his life, Sheldon’s father made him realize the worth of his dream of becoming the writer. He was about to finish his life when his father asked him not to close the book so soon.

Sheldon never dared again to close the book of his life. His continuous struggles proved fruitful and he became a successful writer.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

Jinnah the great Muslim leader of subcontinent had always admired her sister.

Paying tribute to his sister, Muhammad Ali Jinnah once said, “My sister was like a bright ray of light and hope whenever I came back home and met her. Anxieties would have been much greater and my health much worse, but for the restraint imposed by her”. (source Wikipedia)

Once, I had read this quote by Michael J Fox. At that time I was not able to understand the message but while concluding this post I’m starting to feel that I have finally grasp the meaning of this quote.

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything”

May you enjoy lots of happy moments with your family!

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7 thoughts on “The Institution of Family

      1. That is my pleasure, sister!
        I’m an English learner, so I I have to read a lot from other blogs. Besides that, I love your blog a lot. I’ll take my times to read your posts, insha’Allah. Jazakillah for your dua!.

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  1. Your post reminded me of my late father who was so supportive in all of our school activities. My mother was our teacher and she did the best she could in order for us, her children to be the best in school.

    Successes and failures family is there for us. No matter how rough the road to our goal, still they are present to lift us up.

    Wonderful post and I like it.


  2. This was a wonderful read NL. Reading it felt more like a conversation rather than an instruction and the beautiful and meaningful quotes you inserted towards the ending made it all the more better 🙂

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