Writer’s Quote Wednesday, “Dream Writing” 2015-3












The widely acclaimed book “Alchemist” is a masterpiece by Paulo Coelho. I remember reading it in my university days.

In those days my mind was not mature enough to sense the beauty of this quote. But, today I can relate to the hidden meaning of this quote.

I can recall that time when I was quite enthusiastic about writing. I want to write and for that I was passionate about blogging. At first, I had got no idea about writing blogs. But, my love for penning down my thoughts overpowers my fears of writing.

Today, I feel myself quite blessed that I had got a great motivation here at word press. My fellow bloggers helped me a lot.

It seems strange but it’s true that if you seriously want to do something then you’ll find a great help in your surrounding. Believe me, your enthusiasm will attract universe and you’ll find that each and every speck will be there to help you.

I’m thankful to Silver Threading for giving me such a nice opportunity to share my thoughts.


22 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday, “Dream Writing” 2015-3

      1. I’ll give you a little summary. It is about an old Mexican woman who people think is a witch. She isn’t a witch, she is a “healer” using “herbs.” I personally loved this book. It has been years since I have read this so I forgot the proper name in which her “craft” was called. If she were Indian she would be called a Medicine Man. (However, in my part of the world, Indians don’t have women as their medicine man.)

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            1. I’m sorry for late reply.
              According to Wikipedia Alchemist is a best selling novel and setting a Guinness World Record for most translated book by a living author.
              It is a story of a boy who is on a quest of finding a treasure. The theme of a novel is finding one’s destiny and realizing the worth of one’s dream.

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      1. Oh Khalid Hoessini is an exceptional writer according to my friends, haven’t given him a read yet – Kite Runner first from him i think.

        Did you take my suggestion on that or was it actually on your list? Haha

        🙂 thank you!

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