Writers Quote: Kite Runner


The bestseller novel “Kite Runner” is a masterpiece that not only tells the beautiful story of human relationships but also skillfully narrates the strong impact of war upon the very lives of human beings. I have just finished reading it and I must admit that right now I am going through the period of “book hang over”.

War in its any form is ruthless. No words of my dictionary are ready to support this loathsome act. Indeed, it is the madness of human nature that shatters the very dreams of an innocent child.

The war shows its cruel face in a way that children and young people become hopeless, they lost their trust and in a way they are deprived of their right of growing up in a protective environment.

To sum it up, war initiates where wisdom ends and it concludes where the innocent flower of childhood withers.

Reading “Kite Runner” was a heart wrenching experience. The author “Khalid Husseni” has done a masterful job in creating a world of fiction and the reader finds it very hard to detach himself from its characters.

Thanks a lot to Silver Threading for giving me a wonderful chance to share my thoughts.

Happy reading:)

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23 thoughts on “Writers Quote: Kite Runner

  1. This book is my all time favorite . How khaled hosseini castes the events added a beautiful touch to it. A thousand splendid suns and ‘ And the mountains echoed’ are masterpieces too. Its difficult to put down his books once a person has started 🙂

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  2. Such true heartfelt thoughts! Another top-notch quote! I cannot even imagine growing up as a child under such conditions. War breaks my heart. Thank you for reminding us all of what we have in the freedom to write, read, and speak our thoughts without reprisal. ❤

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  3. I haven’t read it yet, i have heard it now from you that it is about the after-war effects on Afghanistan i suppose. I know some about it as told by my friend, i think i will read it now.

    Good Review 🙂

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    1. “Kite Runner” encompasses the universal themes of love and betrayal. It narrates the story of beautiful relationship between father and son. Moreover, it is the story of two friends.
      The powerful narrative. Though, sometimes it feels hard to read but the characters are very strong. I found myself quite absorbed in the novel.

      Thanks for reading:)


      1. Yes, forsure. I think that’s why I tend to read escapist fiction. There are so many sad stories out that draw you in like the Kite Runner. Sometimes I can’t handle that much reality or sense of reality in books as well everyday on the news etc.

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