The secret to success!

climbing mountains









The road to success in life is full of “serpentine curves”.It seems strange but it’s true that the key to live a life is to remain thankful to Divinity for all these obstacles.

We must be thankful to these winding paths,for these sharp turns of our lives hone our skills and polish us to become a real gem in our lives.

Remember, all the great people have encountered similar moments in their lives. They all have to face the difficulties in their lives. From Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan and from Walt Disney to Dr.Ben Carson , the lives of these people are filled with similar stories of constant struggle and consistent efforts.

There is nothing uncommon between you and these great men. The only thing that makes difference is the determination. So, never lose your hope and carry on with your struggle.

You’ll see that time will come when you’ll look back and will smile upon all those difficult hours of your life.

Don’t forget that you are the writer of your story. So, seize the moment and move forward with positive attitude in your life.



13 thoughts on “The secret to success!

  1. You are so right, NL. You won’t find a straight and struggle free road of success, however, you will find serpentine curves. If you won’t loose hope and walk with determination, you will definitely reach to the top. Thanks NL for this lovely words πŸ™‚

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