Thankful heart!






I remember the time from my university days when I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I used to lumber towards my university bus and when I was about to climb up , I was greeted with the warm and gentle voice of our bus conductor. He used to say, ” Easy Ma’am,Be careful!”.

In fact, he was never tired of reminding us again and again to take our seats.

In the sweltering heat of blazing sun, that man of calm and cool demeanor appeared so satisfied that in those days I used to wonder that how a person could be so happy with that kind of tough job and meagre income.

It’s been six years now and the dust of time has erased many of my memories but that memory of my university bus is ineffaceable. With the passage of time, I have realized that the very secret of happiness of human nature lies in a fact of giving thanks to God for all his blessings.

Dear reader, the chaos in life is capable of creating a mess which gives birth to a confused state of human minds. These men, unaware of their destinations and goals are of no use to society but in the midst of all these disturbing ripples, there appears a ray of hope in the form of ordinary stories of such bus conductors.

Apparently, these common men possess nothing special but deep in their hearts their lies a priceless possession of a “great thankful gem”.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”
― Oprah Winfrey

I owe to that bus conductor whose thankful nature has taught me a great lesson of my life.

Have you ever encountered such ordinary people of great thankful heart?


7 thoughts on “Thankful heart!

  1. What a lovely post, and very true. The world is filled with people who toil at ordinary, mundane jobs all day, every day. I also have found that having a thankful attitude makes everything better. You did ask for some feedback so here are my answers to your questions:
    1) Yes, the reference to the story, does convey the meaning of a thankful heart.
    2) I don’t think you need to change the title for the post. It is appropriate and accurate.
    3) It is short and to the point. It is well written.
    4) The only comment I would make about the grammar or sentence structure is that you omitted a couple of words here and there, and added a couple in your sentences.

    I suggest you keep writing, keep growing in your craft. You can only continue to get better. God bless.

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