The summit of success

mountain top of success “The monk who sold his Ferrari” is a best seller self help book about personality development. “Robin Sharma” takes a reader on a spiritual journey of inner cleanliness.

The protagonist “Julian Mantle” is a well off lawyer but in the search of inner peace he left all the luxuries of life and find peace and solace among the sages of Sivana.

This is the beautiful quote from the book and it tells us that in the desperate moments of our life, we tend to lose our strength and desire to move forward. Sharma reminds us that time changes. So, there exist a mountain peak of success. Man encounters great resistance on his way up to the mountain and when he reached at the top of mountain, he waves his arms happily. This is his way of celebrating his success after all the ordeals.

I’m thankful to SILVER THREADING for giving me a chance to share my thoughts. She’s conducting a great event. For reading more quotes please visit her blog.

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