Five Photos-Five stories Day 1









Clutching the faded photograph of his wife, he stood there quite afraid. He began to quiver like a dried leaf as he recognized her icy voice. She was whispering,”Evidence can be erased but memories survive. We both know that my death was no accident.” Her shrieks charged darkness with fear. He turned the TV off.

Sometimes horror movies hit too close to home.

Thanks to Ruchi who challenged me to participate in this “Five Days Challenge”. I’m supposed to post a picture, one per day for five days, and write five stories one for each day.

I’d like to select CONQUERINGANTHROPOPHOBIA to come and join me in this challenge. You need to post a picture every day for five days and write a story that go along with it. It can be a piece of fiction or non fiction. Don’t worry there is no restriction for the length of your writing.

This challenge is not mandatory. But, I hope you’ll accept it. Believe me you’ll have a lot of fun.

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