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If  you ask me about something which is most special to me, I won’t take long to reply that I love my books and these are my most prized possessions.

I like this quote very much”

There is nothing like the smell of books, both new and old. If someone ever bottled the smell, I would be all over it.

Last week I visited the book shop. I was delighted to find the books of short stories by Oscar Wilde and Leo Tolstoy andI felt myself flying in the seventh sky when I found the book “The last lecture” by Randy Pausch.

In fact, there exist a charm in reading books and one tends to develop a strong connection with the book when he physically feels its pages.

I like to mark my favorite quotes and to tell you a truth I’m also in a habit of noting them down in my diary:)

I just read about the use of ‘that’ and ‘which’ in Reader’s Digest. I found it very interesting.


Restrictive clauses:

1. are essential to the sentence’s meaning.

2. can start with that though they don’t have to.

3. don’t have commas

 NonRestrictive clauses:

1. add non- essentail information and can be left out.

2. can start with words like which and who but not with that.

3. are always separated from the main sentence with comma or two.

Correct Use:

…The story that I wrote is mentally challenging.

…This story ,which our copy chief wrote, is mentally challenging.

… This story is mentally challenging.

… The story I wrote is mentally challenging.

Wrong Use:

… The story, that I wrote, is mentally challenging.

… The story which our copy chief agonized over is mentally challenging.

… This story,is mentally challenging.

Hope you enjoy reading these interesting grammatical rules:)

I prefer reading paper books. Perhaps, the mere idea that I don’t own ebook annoys me.

So, what do you prefer e-books or paper books?



8 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts!

  1. I swore I’d never switch to Ebooks because of the smell and feel of paperbacks and hardcovers but now I find 90 percent of what I read is on my iPad. It’s just so convenient. And I don’t have books piled everywhere.

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