A memory from my school days.

school days






Sitting in my classroom I was observing my teacher. As, she called the student’s names, they went to receive their report cards. I watched their faces with envy, remembering my poor result last year.

Since, then I worked hard but was still afraid.

I couldn’t hear my teacher call my name, and a nudge from my friend startled me. With great difficulty, I walked towards the table. The table was only ten feet away, but it seemed farther to me.

Time seemed to stop. My heart thumped wildly and my hands shook when I received my result card. My teacher was saying something, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t hear her.

Soon, a thunderous applause brought me from the darkness of my fears, and I heard my teacher say, “Splendid job.”

When I opened my result card, I discovered an A+ grade, and all my fears evaporated.

Now, I felt as if I were floating in theΒ air. I heard the chirping of birds. Perhaps, they were also congratulating me on my success.

I was glad that my hard work paid off.



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