Free writing for twenty minutes

20 minutes






I have decided to write for twenty minutes. Somehow, I’m not at ease with writing in this way with some time constraint but I have decided to give it a try.

It is 8:39 in the morning. The cold breeze is blowing outside. The voice of crow is normally considered as hoarse and rough but for me it is a sign of a new day. So, here sitting in my drawing room I can hear the lovely voices of birds. The sparrows are chirping and the Myna bird is whistling. All these voices symbolize the beginning of a new day.

My morning started by preparing breakfast and by making lunch for my younger sister. While eating breakfast, I was thinking about the book which I haven’t finished reading yet. “The story of my life” by Hellen Keller is a  powerful narrative. The reader is likely to fall in love with this strong and powerful descriptive piece of writing.

Writing this reminds me of my first ever book which I read in childhood. That was a book about the stories of different villages. The pictures were really beautiful. It took me on a wonderful journey of the villages of Asia.

My younger sister who also love to read books. She is a student of 8th grade. She’s a stubborn girl but recently she has shown improvement in her studies. Earlier, she was afraid of Maths, but I’m glad that she’s started to take an interest in this subject.

My sister often asks me about the benefits of writing blog.

At times, I also wonder that why I’m blogging. But, then I heard an inner voice which tells me that in this short journey of five months, I have discovered a whole new world and this discovery of a new world has inspired me and has motivated me to move forward in my life.

I have still some time left for writing. I’m thankful to writing 101 for this interesting prompt. I enjoyed writing it, but I’m sure that editing would be a tough task 🙂



13 thoughts on “Free writing for twenty minutes

    1. 🙂
      There are lots of birds here. The morning starts with the chirping of birds.

      From sparrows to parrots and from doves to pigeons ,they all come to eat bird food.

      And yes, the book is captivating:)

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