Writing 101, The sunrise


The shimmering rays gently tickled the petals, the red rose stretched and slowly opened its eyes and the gentle sunshine simply passed a smile to that sleepy flower.

That warm gesture was widely welcomed. The scent escaped from the flower and soon the garden became a fragrant paradise.

The sun was rising, the colors were melting and the furrowed clouds were in a hurry to give space to that giant glowing disc.

Standing on the wet grass, I was barefoot. The dawn chorus of birds sounded sweet to my ears.They were large in number. Sitting in the dark green trees, they were twittering. Their voice was full of passion as if they were trying to burst their lungs.

I moved towards a tree and tried to find them. But, my presence startled them. Their fluttering of wings produced a noise and I saw them flying in the air.

I was absorbed in watching them when my father called me and we left for home.

It is more than twenty years now, but that morning walk is fresh in my mind.

Every experience of childhood is priceless. So, I wish Β that I could go back and from the pure heart of a child I once again want to observe the beauty of sunrise.

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