Writing 201, Character Study

dr amir habib

I was keenly observing that shy looking person. That plain looking man in his early thirties was nicely dressed. I was thinking that he was not a bad choice to become my brother-in-law when he raised his eyes and asked, ‘What are your majors in college?”

I told him that I was studying Math and Statistics. I told him that I found physics a difficult subject.It was then I saw a brightness appeared in his expressive brown eyes, ripples formed on the surface of a water and he started to explain me the concepts of Physics. To this day, whenever he has a time, he always used it in giving us a lecture about the importance of education in life.

He is average height, dark hair and wears glasses to read books. My brother-in-law is a hardworking man who has received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Vienna University of technology.

He’s been in teaching for a long time and his students admire him for his cool and calm personality. He’s a dedicated teacher who is always there to help and  support his students.

He’s more like an elder brother to me.Once, I was not able to clear one of my course in the University. I was heartbroken, but he encouraged me. He inspired me and finally I received distinction in that subject.

He’s not a book worm, but he likes to read books and watch movies.  He’s good in cooking and baking is his specialty.

Fathers are naturally attached to their daughters and the big loss in his life was losing his infant daughter. The family got shattered by that incident, but in that difficult time, he appeared to be an epitome of great courage. He remained thankful to Allah Almighty and just after a year Allah blessed him with the beautiful daughter.

He’s an easy-going person, who is mature in his thoughts and strong in his decisions. May God give him a healthy and prosperous life.(Ameen)

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