Writing 201: Descriptive writing (death to adverbs)

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Deep in the woods the monkeys gave a hoot, and his heart leapt into his mouth. The fear of loneliness had always made him afraid.So, he tried hard to look for a familiar sun but failed as the canopy of trees was blocking the sun rays.

He peered through the twisting ropes of merciless vines that had been choking the trees. “Is anyone here?” he shouted, but his voice reverberated in that malicious place.

The ruthless hands of stuffy and warm air were adding salt to his injuries and the mere realization of the idea that he was all alone in that unfathomable place brought tears in his eyes. He continued to sob for some time when he felt something strange.

The fluttering of birds startled him and he started to quiver like a dried leave. Those two glowing eyes informed him about the arrival of something dangerous. He wanted to run but couldn’t and the growl issued the much needed “May day call” and leaving that wreckage of plane behind that sole survivor of plane crash started to run for his life.

13 thoughts on “Writing 201: Descriptive writing (death to adverbs)

  1. An interesting story. 🙂 You capture both the setting and his emotions really well. I wonder whether there’ll be any survivors of that plane crash or whether he’ll end up as dinner for one of the forest’s inhabitants?

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  2. Wonderful descriptions and a great story. I was gripped and started to feel the beginnings of butterflies in my tummy at the end. Well done! 🙂

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