The story of a blue jacket!

blue jacket

The sudden movement of the tectonic plates was brutal.

Standing in front of the ruins of what once was a school, I felt the biting cold air strike my face. Trying hard to fight against the freezing cold, I rubbed my hands and called out my team mates to get assemble.

I was leading the relief mission in that earthquake hit area and after issuing necessary orders, I and my teammates started to distribute blankets and warm clothes among the survivors.

I looked at them, they were large in number and huddled together for warmth their faces were telling the story of their ordeal.

The uncertainty of the future was evident from their faces and while, distributing the packets of warm clothes, my eyes caught a glimpse of something familiar. That man in his late twenties was sitting in a group of elderly people. Though, his curly hair looked rough, but his black eyes had still got a same shine in them. I instantly recognized him in my blue jacket.

The sight took me down into a memory lane.  The view of my Hostel room and the face of my roommate appeared in front of my eyes.   That was my favorite jacket and I admired its blue color. My roommate always wanted to wear that jacket, but I was possessive about my belongings. I even not allowed him to touch my things.  And, then the day came when he finally got a chance.

As soon as our last semester ended, the student started to pack their luggage and one day when I woke up I found he was gone. I ran towards the closet and found that he had also taken my blue jacket.

It had been some five years, but deep in my heart, I was still mourning the loss of my favorite jacket. And, now I could see it in front of my eyes.

I had a strange feeling that he had recognized me and I noticed that he was trying to appear as if he had not seen me. Controlling the emotions of my excitement, I took a deep breath and went towards him. My presence startled him, but I smiled and passing him a packet I said,

“Keep it, you need it more than me”.

Holding that packet in his hands, I saw dampness in his eyes and right at that moment, I heard a call for prayer. The Muezzin was saying “Allah ho Akbar” the God is great.

I looked above and felt a tiny drop of rain on my cheeks. I had never realized, that world is full of human sufferings and I had learned a lesson that if my tiny possessions could bring happiness to these faces then what’s the use of keeping them and boasting about them.

(In 2005 the massive earthquake of 7.6 struck the northern areas of Pakistan. The sweep of destruction was heart-rending. The above story is an inspiration from a real incident that I read in a newspaper.

Today, the people of Nepal are in need of our help. Please extend a helping hand to your Nepalese brothers and sisters.)


13 thoughts on “The story of a blue jacket!

    1. I’m much obliged 🙂
      Your comment means a lot to me.
      I have recently been nominated for Libester award and have written a post on it.

      I’ll definitely include your name and will spread the happiness among others.

      Best Regards


  1. This is a great story. I was in the ’64 Alaskan quake (9.2 or 4 magnitude). For some reason the movie Holes comes to my mind. Have you seen it? I really don’t know why I bring this movie up to you, your story is nothing like that movie, yet your story is well done and so is the story in that movie. Thank you for writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, I didn’t see that movie. I’m very happy that you like this tale.

      2005 earthquake in Pakistan was hardest hit in terms of casualties and destruction. The official death toll was 79,000.

      I remember, reading an article in newspaper in which the journalist told that how he saw his “old class mate wearing his jacket”.

      Writing 101 prompt was “lost and found”. The main idea of this story is inspired by that tale.

      Yes, such stories of “love and care” are really inspiring!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Writing 101 prompt was “lost and found” . I remember reading an article in a newspaper in which the journalist told about his experience in earthquake hit area. So, that inspires me to write this story.

      Glad you like reading it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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