Enjoy the colors in life!


There prevails a splash of colors in my surrounding. It’s May and the days are getting warmer here. From sky to earth and from trees to flowers, everything seemed to be soaked in color.

In the midst of all these hues of a summer, I have started to read “The winter’s tale” by Shakespeare. Yes, somehow the winter has succeeded to find its way in my life.

The vengeance, tyranny, hatred, and jealousy are among some of the themes of this drama. No matter how much we deny but the fact remains that these negative feelings exist in our lives. I remember watching “The secret” movie and I found the “Law of attraction” really helpful.

According to the law of attraction, the positive thoughts attracts positive aspects in life while negative notions attract negative aspects in life. I tried to practice it.Once, in a kitchen I was looking for something. It was getting late and I was losing my temper when I decided to take help from the “law of attraction”. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “Relax, I’ll find it. It is here in front of me”. I opened my eyes and with a little effort, I found it.

You see that was a moment of joy. I’m still practicing it and really enjoys its magical power.

Going back to “The winter’s tale”, the epic drama of Shakespeare tells the story of “Leontes” the king whose negative feelings disrupted his whole life. The gloomy clouds of pessimism obscured his vision. The writer portrayed him as a man who realized that he had done wrong with his wife. The life gave him another chance and the drama ended on a happy note.

And, in real life by the time when a person realized that he had done wrong in his life, much had already been lost.

So, the next time when you feel “downhearted” and “dejected”, simply close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think of all the “positivity” in your life.

Live in the moment and always remain thankful for what you have.

Remember, affirmative thoughts are 100 of times more powerful than negative thoughts. So, feel good as our thoughts and feelings shape our lives.

(Image courtsey:wallfoy.com)

21 thoughts on “Enjoy the colors in life!

    1. Many thanks for your kind words!!!

      I think , only those persons succeed in life who try to live in present.
      Indeed, being grateful for what we have bring more joy and peace in our lives.

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