Books: Our best Friends!


The murmuring sound of rustling of wind whispers in her ear. That intruding voice startled her and while sewing the cloth the needle dropped from her hand.

In the midst of perfect silence in the home, the clinking sound of a needle made everyone jump up from their seats. The cold glances were shared and the deep breath of weariness was exhaled.

Her lips curled into a sheepish grin and she found a refuge in reading.

And, very cautiously she looked up from her book and got amazed to saw her mother reading a magazine. Her sister was immersed in reading Sherlock Holmes and her father dusting off his favorite book from the shelf.

She smiled; at last the “black screen” of TV had given them an excuse to go back to their old habit of reading books.

Image Courtesy: (Google Image)

For the last five days,my internet connection was down. I was not able to read your posts here and I’ll definitely try to catch up with them.

Happy Reading 🙂

19 thoughts on “Books: Our best Friends!

      1. By the way each person that reads uses their imagination more (than watching TV) because our minds make pictures of what we are reading. Reading actually helps us to be wonderfully creative! At least I think so. 🙂

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  1. That’s true, sister! I think it’s good way for all parents to encourage their children to love books as well. 🙂 Oh, sorry to hear that, hope you’ll get good connection again. I’ve heard about poor connection in your country from my Pakistanis’ friend. What’s up there?

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