Story : The dryness of an autumn season


The bitterness of the autumn season caused every limb of my body to scream with pain.

People say that life goes on but for me time is a prison. The thoughts of the freshness of my youth revived many lost images. I remember the day when I got admission in Oxford University.My father was happy and with shining eyes he said, “I’m so proud of you.”

But, I never realized the importance of his feelings of love for me.

I moved on in my life. Wife and my kids were all I cared about. In those days, my father used to call me.  He wanted to talk to me, but I was so preoccupied. For, my professional life and my family were all that I cared about.

One foggy night of winter, he passed away quietly. I never got a chance to say goodbye to him. And, today when my hands are withered and my bones are fragile, I’m missing my kids. They are all busy in their lives.

I wanted to tell them that I loved them too much. I wanted to share so many things,but they have got no time for such useless talk.

I’m looking out of the window.The dampness of my eyes has blurred the image and I can feel the salt of my tears.


Re-reading these lines and saving the file by the name of “An Excerpt from an unknown diary” Mike turned his laptop off.  

He thought of his daughter who often complaints about the presence of darkness in his stories. Looking at the picture of his father he thought that how could he explain to her that it was his inner darkness which was gnawing at him.

How could he reveal that that excerpt saved in the laptop was from the diary of his late father.

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17 thoughts on “Story : The dryness of an autumn season

    1. Many thanks!
      The inspiration for this story comes from an interview. The other day I was watching an interview of a celebrity. She told that after marriage she got busy that she found no time for her mother.
      I have also observed many such stories in my surrounding!

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    1. I need to check out this link. The other day I was watching an interview of a celebrity. She told that how she got busy after her marriage and found little time for her mother.
      Perhaps that was an inspiration for this story!

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