FFfAW: The Worried Mother

Photo prompt - © PricelessJoy

They had been walking for a long time and the little duck was now exhausted.

It was a bright Sunday morning and he was missing his bed. He looked down at his swollen feet, and then looked above at the thin white clouds. They were smiling at him.

But, the shrill voice of Mother Duck brought him back in reality. She was saying, “Hurry up, we are getting late!”

He started to run.

At last, they reached their desired spot. The white building of church seemed to be soaked in sunlight. He was still enjoying the dazzling beauty of his surrounding when the loud voice of her mother startled him. She was asking, “Do you remember the spellings of a church now?”

He yawned as if he had just been woken up and said, “Oh, they are easy. C, H, U, R, C, H”.

The mother duck took a sigh of relief. At last, her method of seeing the place has worked.

Her baby duck had learned to spell the Church.

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring WritersThe word count is 171. This is my first time. I’ll try to come up with better posts in future.

Thanks, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂

19 thoughts on “FFfAW: The Worried Mother

  1. Well, Susan. If you thought you were late in commenting, I’m even later! I can only repeat some of the things others have said about such a lovely little story. The image of the mother duck hurrying her little duckling along to the church would make anyone smile. At least it helped him with his spelling.

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  2. Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! We are happy you are participating and hope you enjoy it and continue to participate in the future.

    I enjoyed this story of the little duck. I can just picture him and his mother and his mother teaching him to spell. It’s a cute story!

    Have you ever linked to InLinkz before? If not, do you need directions on how to do it? It’s pretty easy.

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