The Monster of Jealousy!


Othello is regarded as a most popular play of a Shakespeare. But, for me it was hard to read. Like “The Winter’s Tale”, I was expecting some touch of joy and happiness. But, here, Shakespeare has woven a tragedy.

“Jealousy” is the most prominent theme of the play and as its dire consequences, the protagonist, Othello not only destroys his own life but also takes the life of his beloved wife.In fact, it is a most common factor which disrupts human relationships and the jealousy among siblings tops the list.

I think, jealousy is the most common factor which disrupts human relationships and the jealousy among siblings tops the list.

I have experienced that I feel envious of my sister when she gets better things. I feel jealous of her when my mother gives her more attention and this stands true for all of us.

Have you ever observed a jealous person?  Their lives are a mess. The jealousy factor ruins their happiness.  They won’t see anything good in their lives.  The very factor makes them restless and their faces depict their feelings.

But, all of us like to appear good and charming. Once, I was reading that mirrors best describe our personality. So, why not devise a way to get rid of this monster?

So, next time when you find yourself in a similar situation, stand in front of a mirror and look at your facial expressions.

Ask yourself, am I looking good?

And, the negative response will force you to get rid of jealousy in your lives.

Have you read this play by Shakespeare? How you perceive the negative aspect of jealousy in life?

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10 thoughts on “The Monster of Jealousy!

  1. It’s one of the strongest and most destructive emotions, and I think is a spring board to bitterness and anger.
    I haven’t read “Othello”, in fact I haven’t read any Shakespeare since school :-(. I’m more of a fantasy/urban gothic fan when it comes to literature!

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  2. My grandma once told me that envy and jealousy are wasteful emotions. She said that it didn’t matter how much you envied someone’s eyes, hair, body, height . . . you could turn green in the face with envy, but when you get up in the morning you’re still going to be yourself and that person you envied so much is still going to have the same eyes, hair . . . So what’s the point? Jealousy and envy are not going to change anything so why waste all that energy. Instead, use that energy to become the best person you can be. I’ve never forgotten those words and I’ve applied them to my life. I can honestly say that I’m not an envious or jealous person. Does this mean that I never feel jealous or envious? No. This means that when I feel that green-eyed monster coming, I shoo it away before it takes over. I’m happy when my brother or sisters accomplish something great. I feel proud of them and I hope they feel the same for me.
    Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to hearing from you from time to time and to reading your posts as well. I am following you too. 😉 Have a great day!

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    1. Your response to this post is meaningful and your comment is constructive. I can’t add more. This is absolutely true.
      In fact, negative thoughts shape these feelings of envy and jealousy. Man should remain contended, he must remain thankful to God for all His blessings and he must understand that God knows best for him.
      Your grandma was right in saying that these are bucketful of wasteful emotions.

      Thank you for you kind visit and I appreciate your presence here 🙂

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