Home sweet home!


In the absence of any furniture, the clacking of her heels reverberated in the house.

She cast a look, her wedding dress was packed, the closet was empty. The baby cot was moved and the side table was carried away. It had taken her some fraction of minutes to pack those memories of last twenty years. But, she let that picture hanged there.

Outside, the car honked, it was a signal that her husband was getting restless and her children were getting excited to move into their new house, and while moving towards the gate she cast a last look upon her home. Sweet and sour memories of her beautiful days in that home brought tears in her eyes. Once again, the car horn honked and she immediately closed the door.

The slanting rays of late afternoon sun were coming through the window. Behind, the words in the picture were gleaming.

“Home Sweet Home”   

home sweet home

image credit: (hqwallbase.com),(homedecals.com)


9 thoughts on “Home sweet home!

  1. Hi naturelover. When the cafe (‘home’ to many) closed down, I left a couple of ink drawings (made by a customer) as well. The place had given us quite a lot (meaning, story, values.. etc). It just feels right that I have to leave something in return. 🙂


  2. I just moved last Fall after living in my previous home for 27 years and although I am most grateful to live here I could totally relate to your story. I could hear her clacking shoes, I could feel the emptiness of both the home and inside her for leaving it, well done…love your pictures too!!

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