Story: The friendship tree

People in the town used to quote their example. Their friendship was unique. They were known to risk their lives for each other.

Then, like the colors of the morning sun which slowly melts in a daylight, their childhood plant gradually turned into a youthful tree.

With passionate hearts and different perspectives, they chose unique paths in their lives. The money came in abundance and love and care disappeared.The serpent of wealth played a fatal trick and the poisonous venom of jealousy proved lethal.

One day, people of the town woke up to find their friendship tree was withered away.

Mission accomplished!” the hoarse voice of monster of hatred announced

A thunderous applause from junior members caused the night to shiver with fear.

Deep, in a wood, the bird took its last breath.

Its final words were

Once, in a warm sunshine they used to play. Long ago, they love each other!”

This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The word count is 153.

Thankyou, Priceless Joy for hosting this event 🙂


40 thoughts on “Story: The friendship tree

  1. Excellent story and well written. Times change, people change and we would like for it to always be for the better, but that doesn’t happen for everyone. There are many obstacles that get in our way and we need to work at making things come out for the better. Greed and hate play a major role in destruction of our society.

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  2. I like to drop by occasionally and leave personal messages for the participants of FFfAW challenge. I truly enjoy reading your stories each week and I know the others do as well. Thank you so much for your continued participation, friendship and loyalty!

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  3. Very nice imagery and metaphor. I especially liked the sentence, “The serpent of wealth played a fatal trick and the poisonous venom of jealousy proved lethal.” 🙂

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  4. A lovely story with an element of sadness, and nicely told. I love the comparison between the wonderful childhood days, filled with friendship and love, became warped during the passing years. Wealth and greed changed their perspectives on life. I liked how you showed that change on the friendship tree.

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    1. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind feedback!
      Yes, there is a feeling of sadness here. I guess, the picture conveys the message of friendship here.
      You are right, the colors of childhood get fade with passing years and this photograph clearly depicts the innocent days of childhood 🙂

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  5. You’ve intricately woven a great story that transcends time and possesses hard lessons and trials in life. Like many things, friendships can blossom and wither. Some things we can control; some we can’t. Very sad yet true.

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    1. Well said!
      The smiling faces of children in picture truly reflects the innocence of childhood. It is a time when the feelings of love and care prevailed everywhere.
      You are right!
      The tree of friendship can blossom and wither.
      Thank you for your valuable feedback.
      I appreciate it 🙂


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