Pride and Prejudice


Once, the guests were supposed to come. All day long my mother continued to give us instructions. I remember she asked us to behave properly and said, “Always remember that first impression is the last impression!”.

She was right at that time but I guess it’s not always true.

I have just finished reading “Pride and Prejudice” and I’m still rambling in the shrubs of Longbourn. Marriage and the difference between reality and appearance are the major themes present in the novel.  I really admire the character of Elizabeth Benet. She was not a charming girl, yet her keen intelligence and lively nature make her a popular heroine of classic literature.

It so happen that the black clouds of pride and prejudice obscures the vision of Elizabeth and Darcy. They both misjudged each other. Thus, their wrong judgment and false precision at their first meeting, provide basis for the development of novel.

Jane Austen gives us several examples of good and bad marriages here. She gives us an example of bad marriage and tells us that passion and love at first sight often prove fatal for the relationship of marriage. I love the way in which Elizabeth and Darcy accept the fact that they both love each other. It was a gradual process which also enables them to get rid of their attitude of pride and prejudice.

Unlike, the passionate desire of love which blinds Lydia and unlike the only want of economic relief which Charlotte seeks in her marriage, Elizabeth looks for an honest man.

Reading the novel was a great experience. It makes me to think upon this topic and I came to conclusion that trust, honesty and wisdom provide firm basis for the successful relationship of marriage. I believe that first impression is not always the last impression. Human nature is quite complex and our first impression about someone can mislead us. The pure relationship of marriage requires trust and honesty and the love bond between Elizabeth and Darcy beautifully depicts this message.

I love Elizabeth Benet. She’s not naive rather she’s bold in expressing her feelings. Have you read this novel? What is your perception about the successful marriage?

18 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice

  1. ‘Pride & Prejudice’ is one of my favorites. (Jane Eyre was 1st and forever special) Jane Austen addressed several social issues like marriages, inequality in an interesting way. I loved how you interpreted them.

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  2. Wonderful observations about the book, and about marriage! I have read the book and seen several good movie versions of it. This book is truly a classic. I think it seeks to teach us a lesson about the value of honesty and wisdom, and that real beauty is internal. We can learn from these lessons in today’s world. I think the latest movie version, with the actress Kiera Knightly playing the part of Elizabeth is very good.

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    1. I don’t know about the movie version but you are right the book is truly a classic. It really teaches us some great lessons.

      Elizabeth Benet is known as the most popular heroine of classic literature. Her internal beauty and wisdom of thoughts make her to appear as a strong figure here.

      I’m glad to have your valuable feedback!!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

      I was reading that Jane Austen has been criticized for the lack of passion in her novel. Critics have their own view but I believe that Austen has masterfully portrayed a theme of marriage here.

      The depth and psychological portrayal of characters are amazing. So, It’s great that you have read it thrice 🙂

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        1. Well, charlotte bronte crticized her and assumed her as an athour of surface. William Shakespeare though admire her novel, he critisized her due to her lack of imagination.
          But, the novel is counted aning ten greatest novels of all time 🙂
          The real power of Jane Austen is revealed through her powerful and witty dialogues. The plot is strong and the characters are realistic in nature.
          I need to read her other novels and I’m a literature student 🙂

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          1. Yes well I suppose I am sort of speechless when other great writers speak out 😀 But yes Jane Austen still has some power.
            And that is so cool! Have you read Khaled Hosseini? Jane Ayre?

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  3. I haven’t read pride and prejudice yet but I think the author might be right. But theb again, these days, one can’t really say what makes a marriage works. Its just works, or it doesn’t. 🙂

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    1. 🙂

      Thanks Ameena, for sharing your thoughts here. Perhaps you are right that there is no hard and fast rule and these days there can be several reasons for it.

      I think that the factors which Austen has provided in her novel are very accurate. The novel was published in 1813. It’s a long time now but still we can relate to its theme.

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