Story: The bravery of my friend!

Photo Prompt: © Priceless Joy

My father wanted to see me strong but throughout my childhood I continued to remain a frightened boy.Today,I’m an altered person but that change in my personality is due to an accident.

It so happened that on one foggy day, I and my friend went for a morning walk when pack of wild dogs attacked us. The mere sight of furious dogs made me to shiver and I fell on the ground. The next moment, I saw my friend providing me a shield but the dogs confronted him. I remember them locking their jaws around his neck.

To this day, I’m ashamed of my decision.  I ran for my life.

Sitting beside the window, I’m watching the melancholy shades of late afternoon sun.It’s been ten years now but the memories of that incident are still fresh.

I remember reading that only horse is known to weep for its dying master but today the master is crying for his faithful friend.


This post is response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The weeks photo is provided by priceless joy.

The word count is 159.

Thanks Priceless Joy for hosting it.

I’m sorry if I’m not reading your posts. It’s the month of Ramdan. So, it’s quite busy 🙂

I’d try to catch up with them 🙂

22 thoughts on “Story: The bravery of my friend!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Yes, Ramadan is a blessed month for Muslims. They abstain from food and drinking during the daylight hour. It is something more then abstaining from food. In fact, it is a process of inner purification which teaches us some great lessons of sacrifice.
      The arabic word “fasting” literally means to refrain. So, Muslims not only refrain themselves from food and drink but also from evil thoughts and actions.

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