Happy Birthday Pakistan!


Today, was a bright day. You’ll probably think that it would be a sunny day. Perhaps, you are right but today we celebrated the birthday of my country and I’m glad that my land has turned 68.

May be you won’t feel anything unique when I’ll say that I love my country. But, there is a passion in my love. My ancestors were there to witness the miracle of creation of Pakistan. My parents have lost their grandparents in partition. The pain is deep but the sufferings of partition have made me realized the importance of independence and I know the worth of freedom.

This very day, I woke up early in the morning and offered my prayers. Later, we hoisted flag and enjoyed listening to national songs.


Green is the color of my country. So, my sister and my niece enjoyed wearing green clothes.



It was a national holiday and all my family was at home. We enjoyed our time together.

It’s not an exaggeration but there exists a charm in the beauty of my country. No doubt, there are difficulties but I know only one thing and that is no matter what I‘ll be known as a Pakistani.


naga parbat

Pakistan is my identity. It is my land and it is my duty to keep my home clean.

It’s 8:00 pm, and before the clock will strike 12, I’m taking an oath that I’ll never forget my duty towards my country.

I’m proud to be Pakistani.

Long Live Pakistan

Pakistan Zindabad!

(Landscape pictures courtesy Dawn)


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