A visit to grandma’s house!

The elder siblings were worried about their little sister. They were jumping and they were making noises but the two year old was constantly weeping and the aunt was trying hard to make her calm.


This is the story of five kids. Their parents were out of city and they were staying at their grandmother’s house for a week.

The aunt tried hard and within days the little kid developed a strong connection with her. She felt satisfaction in her presence and they both started to share a strong bond.


The kids enjoyed their stay at their grandmother’s house. At the end of the week, the parents arrived to pick their kids. Kids were happy but the grandparents were sad.



This past week, my nieces and my nephews kept me busy. I found little time to read and write. My apologies for late response. I’ll try to catch up with your posts.

And yes, I’m missing my little niece 🙂


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