Story: The depressed witch!

© 2015, Barbara W. Beacham

“From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.”

Down in her garden, the golden streak of morning sun was tickling the yawning petal. As, the red rose opened its eyes, the witch closed hers.

Tears of failure welled up in her eyes. She had worked really hard to design that plot of destruction. She had given her best to that task but her efforts proved fruitless.

Mustering up her courage, she looked down. Children were playing. The air was filled with the joys of their laughter. She clenched her fists in anger.

She was still twitching with anger, when she saw his face. The shining black eyes of that tall figure forced her to bite her lips.

Standing on a street, the mayor smiled while looking at the barbed wires around witch’s house. He was satisfied about the safety of his town. For, in the darkness of night, the mayor was awake.

The witch’s plans were foiled by him.

(155 words)


This is my submission to Mondays Finish the Story hosted by Barbra. Barbra is not feeling well and I wish her a speedy recovery. Stay strong Barbra. You’re really brave 🙂

Mondays Finish the Story

20 thoughts on “Story: The depressed witch!

    1. Thank you maria (Am I right in calling you maria?)
      Oh yes, the condition of witch was miserable but then the mayor was also right. Witch had really tried to draft plans of destruction 🙂


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