For Whom the bell tolls


It’s been a day that I’ve finished reading this novel and still I’m finding it difficult to get myself detach from this powerful narrative.

There is a power in simplicity and by the time I was at the last paragraph, I was convinced that a writer needs not to use only flowery statements to convey his message.

“For whom the bell tolls” written in a backdrop of Spanish Civil war, is regarded as a best work of fiction. It’s a tale of an American guy Robert Jordan who is on a mission to blow up a bridge. So, here goes a story of almost four days which the writer skillfully expanded on 300 pages.

Hemingway is known for his unique style of writing. His journalistic background helped him in producing the best work in literature. The concise, clipped and abrupt sentences depict his telegraphic style of writing.

Today, while thinking about “Robert Jordan” as a typical Hemingway hero, I came to understand the meaning of the term “grace under pressure”. For, reading some last paragraphs of novel were an intense experience.

I don’t know why but the last moments remind me of the movie “Van Rayan’s Express”. My father love this dialogue.

“If only one gets out, it’s a victory”.

I won’t like to appear as a “spoiler” here. So, if you haven’t got a chance to read Hemingway and if you love reading war stories then you’ll enjoy reading this tale. Here is a beautiful passage from the book.



9 thoughts on “For Whom the bell tolls

  1. One of my absolute favorite books. It has so many great passages that really get stuck in your memory and come to mind from time to time. The way Hemingway alternates between short and simple sentences to incredibly detailed and realistic stream of consciousness is breathtaking.

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    1. Hi Carolina,
      I’m so glad to meet you here and I like the way in which you have shared your thoughts on the book. Truth be told, I was actually shivering while reading the last paragraph. It’s a captivating piece of writing and I’m planning to read it again (:

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