Story of a brave woman

125 10 October 11th 2015

Young and naive Maria never realized that she was getting abused.

Once, she was badly beaten, on that evening she gave birth to her daughter. I was there at a hospital and on seeing her red rimmed eyes and swollen face, I couldn’t control my tears.

On that night, sitting beside her bed, I tried to make her realize that she had to take a decision. Maria remained hopeful and coming days proved that my fears were right.

Her husband never appeared.

Turning a new page in her life, Maria started to go back to her college and after that she never looked back.

It’s been more than twelve years and today I met a different person. The famous lawyer of a country welcomed me. I met her beautiful daughter and remained there for some time.

I was about to leave when she embraced me and said, “I’ll always remain thankful to you”.

While, I gently took her hands and replied , “No, Maria it was you who took that decision. The mountain of success is difficult to climb and you made it to the peak. You are brave and I’m proud of you.


The story is my submission to Sunday Photo Fiction.

4 thoughts on “Story of a brave woman

  1. People who are being mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically abused don’t always realise it. Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out, and even then the tables are turned on the helpful person being accused of jealousy.

    Your story gives hope to those who are in that situation. It is not an easy road, and the mountain sometimes takes years to climb with the horror remaining long beyond that and affecting future relationships. A great way to bring it to the fore and show there is a way to move forward.

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