Story of a Yellow color

No one but “Tweety” will be happy to visit us. That’s how my mother used to bait my father. Her complain was right. For, curtains and furniture in our home were all yellow.

Father’s love for yellow color remained a mystery, until a time came when as a student of psychology; I studied the impact of colors.

I always knew but never realized that my father being an orphan child lived a difficult life. His life was all about struggle and in the midst of all those difficulties he always remained calm.

This day was a hectic day and when I returned from job, I saw my toddler was busy in playing.

I took him in my arms and caressing his cheeks, I couldn’t resist looking at his hand. Clutching his yellow boat my son was smiling. His precious smile filled my heart with joy.

Life is all about staying hopeful and my son’s yellow boat often reminds me of this 🙂

(161 words)

(Yellow is a color of optimism, friendliness, creativity and confidence.)


Written for Flash Fiction for AspiringWriters. Thanks Pricelessjoy for this opportunity and many thanks to Sonya for this beautiful picture 🙂

21 thoughts on “Story of a Yellow color

  1. Yellow can be a lovely color and color psychology I believe is very important when we design spaces for people to live. Great job with this story, well written!

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  2. Not only did she take on a new perspective to her dad’s love for yellow through her study of psychology, but she also got further confirmation with her own son’s bright smile. I love that! What a great piece for hope and understanding our loved ones

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  3. What a nice ending to a very interesting read. I like the family connection, how you start with the father and end with the mother and son! Very good!

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    1. I like this picture and especially the shade caught my attention. Thank you PJ for your kind feedback here.
      Your way of commenting on stories is brilliant. It actually show your keen interest in reading. I really enjoy reading your comments on every story.

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