A fresh start

Her body endured an intense pain, the long fight left her tired and Amber confined herself in her room.

Her eyes were closed and she was still crying when she heard the door opened. She knew it was Kevin and feeling the warmth of his hands, she opened her eyes.

Kevin was looking smiling at her.

“Amber, believe me, your headscarf is beautiful than your hair.”

After a cold winter night, the much needed warmth of sun was calming.

On her husband’s shoulder, she cried.

Kevin knew that his wife being a survivor of cancer needed his support.

(98 words)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease.



This post is a response to a flash fiction for aspiring writers.


21 thoughts on “A fresh start

  1. Bittersweet story Madeeha. When I read the line about the headscarf it made me think of my Mom, of all that she went thru with breast cancer, losing all her hair was the hardest part for her to come to grips with. I could totally relate to how Amber was feeling…but like my Mom she will survive and get better and her hair will come back again…she has her life and Kevin…all is good! Thanks for reminding us all about October and breast cancer awareness!! xo

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    1. I can only imagine that how painful it was for your mother.
      The picture prompt was beautiful so I wanted to share a positive message here.
      Thanks Deb for reading and sharing your thoughts here. The weekend was busy so I got late in replying 🙂

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  2. Right from this line (“your headscarf is [more] beautiful than your hair”), my eyes opened to the topic of cancer in your piece. What a painful yet moving and lovely piece. Just because she survived, doesn’t mean she won’t feel any bitterness or sorrow. I’m glad she has support and love. Thanks for sharing this piece with us!

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  3. What a lovely – sad and sweet story! I love the twist at the end that brought the story all together. Beautifully done. I knew of a person that had cancer but refused to go through chemo because she didn’t want to lose her hair. Of course, the cancer took her life. Wonderful story Madeeha!

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  4. Doubtless, many of us may one day endure cancer, and hopefully beat it. But there is something about the loss of hair for women that makes treatment so hard. I think a lot of women relate their hair with their feminity. But I’m glad the husband is so nice in your story and says the scarf is as beautiful as her hair. I have a friend whose very close to me struggling with breast cancer right now, so your story hits home. Well done!

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