A stroll down memory lane

On drawing the curtains of my memory aside, I had always found myself playing with my siblings.


Our home was a place filled with toys and to be honest my parents remained more interested in imparting the love for books in us. So, the gift on my sixth birthday was not a toy but it was a children magazine.

It was a time when I was learning to read and my parents thought that a magazine would be a nice gift for me.

I remember, once my parents bought us some books which include a book of Ladybird’s series of learning time and then there was a colorful book about the villages of Asia. I wish I could have them today but I’m lucky to find this picture on Google.


The pleasure of reading and feeling the pages of those books is difficult to express in words and never in my life, I had ever come closer to such an experience again. For, kids tend to develop a strong bond with the pictures and I can vividly recall the colorful illustrations of those books.

Well, I won’t like to appear Matilda here but the prompt reminds me of those sweet days of my life when I find pleasure in reading books and truth be told, for a long time I can’t sleep without listening to stories. Yes, my elder sister was a great storyteller.

One thing more it’s not an exaggeration that never in my life I had ever sighed for some toy. For, my parents had always kept us busy in reading books and I guess they were wise enough in taking that decision 🙂

9 thoughts on “A stroll down memory lane

  1. Yes, your parents were wise to instil in you the love of books. Reading and enjoyong stories is a wonderful thing. Non fiction books are also great for children, and are made to look so colourful and interesting nowadays.

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      1. Hi Madeeha. I seem to have lost touch with some of my flash fiction friends, as I haven’t done any of the challenges for a while (while I concentrate on writing my book). I thought it would be nice to just say hello to you again. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the challenges in the New Year.
        I enjoyed reading your post. Reading has been my life, too. 🙂

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