That’s how I define hope!

Moment the cold and dreary night ends the soft and bright morning emerges. I find hope in a golden gleam of a kind sun which sparkles to illuminate my path.

golden sunshine

I can hear the whisper of those pearls of wisdom which reminds me that in difficult hours of my life, I’m not alone. I find hope in books.


Watching the moments of extreme passion often energizes me and I become hopeful for a bright future.


Our dreams, aspirations, desires and wishes provide an excuse for the continuation of life. The life which will end in the absence of all these elements is beautiful. So, take a deep breath and embrace this precious moment of life.

Open your eyes and seize the moment because life is all about to remain hopeful.

free fall


Written for writing 101 prompt

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5 thoughts on “That’s how I define hope!

  1. Great piece. I liked how you said: ” I find hope in the golden gleam of sun which sparkles to illuminate my path.” It’s an awesome description.

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