Dear Papa

dear papa

Dear Papa,

The warm and bright sun tried its best but it failed to make me smile. Today, I was missing you and was crying a lot.

Everyone was trying to make me laugh but I only smiled and wiped my tears off when mama whispered in my ear that she was baking croissants for me.

The croissants were so delicious. I didn’t count but I believe that I ate lot of them and only stopped when a servant came with a huge package.

Mama opened it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Papa, it was a doll house. Do you remember that I was asking you to get me one? But, I’m confused. You have told me that every package contains the name of its sender but there was no name written on it.

I was asking mama and she was smiling. Perhaps, it’s a gift from fairy; for, mama thinks that I’m behaving really well these days.

Papa, I’ve learned my tables. I’m brushing my teeth twice a day and I never forget to clean my room.

There’s a lot to tell and much to share.  I wish you could saw that large cake with my name written on it.

Mama says that you’re busy in serving the nation. I don’t know what she means but what I really know is that that I only want you to be here with me.

Mama is calling me to bed and I need to stop writing now.

Love you papa

Yours daughter

34 thoughts on “Dear Papa

      1. Everyday is a reality we lie to our children about all those other stuff it’s better to be told the truth then lie for another few years .. She shall be unhappy for few days then will become better as it will make her stronger then anything .

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  1. Oh how our nation has so many families going through that very heart breaking situation! One forces oneself not to cry in front of them, and then when they lose that person and receive that letter – I only pray its easier for everyone. Because it’s one of the toughest things ever. When will peace reign? When will we not worry if we’ll ever see our soldiers again?

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    1. I appreciate your reading and sharing your thoughts here. You have put up an important question here.
      We can only pray for the betterment of our country. May Allah shower His blessings upon this land (Ameen)

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    2. You wrote if we’ll ever see our soldiers again?
      It reminds me of Capt Asfandyar Shahhed. He belongs to the city where my maternal family lives. People living in small cities usually develop a strong bond with each other. Thus, knowing about his family, we felt the pain and grief of his parents.
      I sometimes think that what if he didn’t belong to my city and what if I don’t know about his family. Perhaps, I may not feel the pain of his mother to that extent.
      The point is there are lots of similar stories and lots of bereaved families around us. Human nature is prone to forgetfulness but we must not forget the sacrifices of all such families.

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      1. I know I can relate to that pain. Some people we knew were martyred and when you know someone and then that happens… it’s just the most bizarre feeling. May Allah make it easier for everyone 😦

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  2. Very sad story…hopefully she will see her father again one day, but serving the nation can mean many things and the thought of danger comes to mind…perhaps she is too young to have it explained to her and it could cause her more anxiety.

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  3. This is a very heart wrenching and sad post. Especially because the little girl has the idea that if she is “good” her Papa will come home. It would be hard for her to understand what ‘serving the country’ means or could end up meaning. Very well done.

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    1. Truth be told, I wasn’t intended to write a sad post. I just started writing and end up with these thoughts here.
      May be a little tribute to all brave soldiers and their families out there.
      You like reading it, I’m all smiles 🙂

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