Story of a wedding dress

It was the third time that her door was knocked.

Hey, we’re getting late”, she heard her sister’s tumultuous voice.

I’m just coming”, after a moment’s pause she replied.

Outside everyone was ready but she was not in a hurry. Standing stock-still in front of mirror she was looking at the black dress that was lying on her bed. Tears were rolling down and she was thinking about those days when she loved to wear only white. Her mother often got angry but her father used to take her in his arms and said, “Don’t scold my little daughter. She’s my white fairy.”

Such was her sweet reveries and that very day was the reality. Her wedding dress was a gift from her in-laws. It’s been four hours and she was still hearing the echo of her mother’s voice

Black is your husband’s favorite. He doesn’t like to see you in white.

(153 words)


This post is a response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Sonya for the picture prompt and many thanks to PricelessJoy for holding this event.

10 thoughts on “Story of a wedding dress

  1. Interesting how different cultures and individual families have strong views on the bride’s clothing. It’s her day. She should get to choose what she wants.

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    1. Hi Laura,
      It’s nice to receive your comment here and can’t agree more with you. You’re right in saying that in different cultures families have strong views on the bride’s clothing (:

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  2. Sounds fitting to wear a black dress since her marriage isn’t off to such a good start. Maybe she should consider herself in mourning from this point on. 😀 Great story. I see you are getting a lot of conflicting emotions about her not wearing her favorite color of dress. She’s trying to please her husband at the sacrifice of self.

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  3. Hmmm.. Your story makes me very angry at the mother and the husband. A lot of people mistake that women dress for men. We do sometimes but most often for ourselves and to be as fashionable as our friends who are women. And it’s the girls wedding day, on that day of any day she should be able to wear the dress of her dreams and in our society that would be white or cream. Screw, the husband, I don’t think she should marry him, he seems controlling. Great story but makes the feminist in me angry.

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      1. Thanks. It was a good story. Maybe it’s how and where I grew up, but the wedding dress should be something the bride loves to wear. Yes, you were very objective, good job!

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  4. Poor girl doesn’t need such grief on her wedding day! She should fool them all and wear a casual dress and walk out with a huge smile on her face. It’s her day, not theirs! Great story and probably does depict the minds of some in-laws.

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