Recreate a single day

Today, the dull rays of winter sun were looking pale and I was feeling tired of that cold and dreary environment in home.

Never before, I had ever saw my father so tense. My paternal uncle living in a far country was ill and my father’s agitation was on its peak.

He didn’t take his breakfast properly nor did he ate his lunch. In the evening we all tried hard and with much effort we succeeded to persuade him to eat.

Later, mother told us that father cares about his brother and their bond of love was so strong. She asked us to pray and then much awaited phone call ended my father’s tension.

My cousin informed us that uncle was feeling better.

It’s late in the night and when I’m scribbling down my thoughts in my diary, I can’t help thinking about today’s developments. I had a vague memory of that day when in search of better future my father decided to leave his country.

Uncle was against that idea and today on observing my father’s agitation, I came to understand the meaning of fraternal love.

The other day, I was reading the poem “Melodic train” and was finding it hard to concentrate upon its theme but the developments of this day have cleared my queries.

Today, the melodic train of our lives encountered a dangerous curve on its track. Right now, I can hear my father’s snoring. Thanks God he’s relax now.

I’m happy that all is well and I hope that tomorrow will be a different day.

melodic train


Writing 101 prompt: Recreate a single day


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