Things we leave behind


Heidi by Johanna Spyri is an excellent work of literature. I remember reading it in my childhood and the process of rereading it brought tears in my eyes. I assume Heidi was a lucky girl that finally got reunited with her grandfather but everyone is not as lucky as Heidi.

I’ll be honest, I’m really trying hard to put off all those old memories aside but I had little control over my subconscious. So, in spite of all my struggles, the memories of my old home always find their way in my dreams.

Like Heidi’s house my home also appeared to gleam in golden sunshine. I can vividly recall the beauty of those green shrubs and flowery bushes. How can I forget those sweet songs of sparrows and how can I neglect those green leaves that were home to many birds?

Like Heidi, I was associated with that home. That house meant everything to me. Those walls were my best friends. Playing, fighting and studying together, we spent a long span of sixteen years together.

The place witnessed many special moments of my life. I moved into that house as a school girl and left that place as a university graduate.

Those were some sad prospects in which we had to leave that place and while typing these words on my laptop, I’m sure that Heidi and I’ve got one thing in common and that is our love for our home.

Heidi beats me as she succeeds in getting back to her home.


writing 101 prompt: Things we leave behind

7 thoughts on “Things we leave behind

  1. I could recollect Heidi and Yuki and the childhood. I had watched a few episodes (Not sure cartoon network or Pogo). But i dont remember anything.
    I guess, we all are associated to our home in one or the other way very deeply. You have given a very meaningful take to the prompt.

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    1. Yuki is new to me and I’ve a vague memory of watching Hedie’s cartoon movie.
      Have you read the book?
      I believe that we elders often forget some basic lessons of life and reading children literature is not only a pleasure process but it is also a great source of learning.
      (Last night while reading this book, I can’t help absorbing some small lessons of life)
      Thank you for thinking it to be a “meaningful take on prompt” (:

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      1. oh. I haven read the book.
        That’s very true. With a little kid at home now (my son), i am sure that will get all the opportunities again to read all the literature slowly with time. 🙂
        True. They carry all the morals.
        My pleasure.. 🙂

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