Attock:a bird’s eye view

Attock formerly known as “Campbellpur” is a small and beautiful city of lovely people. Maybe it’s my natural inclination towards my maternal family but I’ve always felt nostalgic feelings for this city.

attock city
Road covered with Sheesham trees (Pictures near Attock city)

I can recall all those pleasure trips to my late grandmother’s house. In those days, the eight hour long journey usually left us tired and by the end we used to make our mother annoyed by asking repeatedly the same question

“How much time before we reached?”

For me, the very names of river Haro and the light grey Kala chitta mountain range hold a sweet scent of love and care.

kalla chitta mountains
Kala Chitta mountain range
river haro
River Haro

In my memories, my grandma’s house thrives as a warm and cozy place which wholeheartedly embraced the large family of more than thirty people. The veranda was large and in that sunlit place of home, we children remained busy in playing for long hours.

In front of the house there was a market. There were some shops of cobblers and all day long we could hear the hammering sound of their tools but in the evening as soon as the color of the sky turned black, the loud bang of shutters announced the closure of market.

In the small city of Attock, people wake up early in the morning and when the sun is still yawning, the city streets burst into life.

natural beauty pictures of attock
Beautiful view of city

Attock is a city of largehearted people where residents are tightly knit with each other.The educational institutions in this “home of gunners” are best. This is a land of brave people and I feel proud to be associated with this city.

cadet college attock


Writing 101: A map as a muse

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17 thoughts on “Attock:a bird’s eye view

    1. I’ve read about petroleum deposits in these mountains. I’m not exactly sure about the geology of this area but yes it is the color of the mountains which has given it a unique name (:
      I’m so glad that you like these pictures. You sure have heard about Capt Asfandyar Shaheed and Shuja Khanzada Shaeed? They both belong this city.
      Located near Kamra, Attock is known as “home of gunners”.

      Writing 101 prompt asks us to write about a place and our connection with it.
      Didn’t include the map but this is what I wrote for the prompt (:

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  1. what lovely pictures! and goes well with the post. i like the 1st and 4th one best.
    people wake up early in the morning and when the sun is still yawning, the city streets burst into life. I liked this line a lot… paints such a pretty picture.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi wandering Soul,
      It’s so nice to meet you here and the way you have commented on my post is so very encouraging.
      Thank you, for liking these pictures (didn’t take them but the very idea that someone like the pictures of my city bring smile on my face)
      I’m so glad that you like reading this sentence 🙂


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