A roundup of great reads

great reads

Like something delicious to eat, writers are always looking for something sweet to read.

Writing 101 prompt asks me to share a round up of great posts which I’ve read this week. I’ll be honest, this past week I didn’t read much blogs but these are some of the posts which I love to share with you.

Cab drivers and maps

Amanda author of the blog mandibelle16 shared her experience of travelling in cabs. It’s a brilliant write up which shows her deep observation of her surroundings. I like the natural flow of her thoughts and here is a link to her post


The Deeper Purple

Nicodemas  author of the blog Ancient Skies  writes this beautiful poem. The depth, magic and the use of beautiful imagery are all very inspiring. Here is a link to his post


Letters to Heaven

Hayley author of the blog  Dear Dad writes this heart warming post. A worth read tribute to her late father. I love the way she express her feelings and I’m sure that reading it will left your eyes teary. Here is a link to her post


Truth about marriage

Brey author of blog Ordinary Adventures shares her thoughts about her married life. The mere reading of this post will keep you glued to your seats and you’ll end up hitting the follow button on her blog.

Here is a link to her post




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