Hope in Despair

132 11 November 29th 2015

The continuous search left him tired. He was looking for some green spot but everything seemed to be hidden behind the misty cloak.

The smog covered the road and in such helpless condition; a silent prayer emerged from his doleful heart and next moment his thirsty eyes found that spot.

Kneeling on ground, child was busy in digging a plant when he felt something fell on ground.

It was a bird.

He took the bird in his hands and tried to feel the presence of life but bird didn’t move.

Then, softly and gently, he placed it on the ground where little leaves of freshly planted tree silently cried for that deceased bird and moment the yellow sunshine fell on ground, boy saw an unusual scene.

Later, no one believed but the boy was sure that lying under the shade of green leaves, the bird smiled for a last time.



plat trees
In the wake of pollution, planting trees is our only hope

This post is a response to Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Alistair Forbes.


12 thoughts on “Hope in Despair

  1. Such a sweet story! My heart went out to the little bird. I didn’t realize the fog was considered pollution. You might want to change fog to smog so it will be clear. 🙂 I assume the little bird died because of the pollution. That is so sad. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Susan for sharing your thoughts here
      You’re right in saying that story is not directly related to the picture. I perceive tire as a symbol of hope here. Actually, I pictured a scene where a bird is longing for the serene beauty of trees. Fog is pollution here and the child planting a tree is the only hope.
      I agree it’s not related to the prompt but that’s what I wanted to write (:

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